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1 Nailsea glass rolling pin, mid 19th Century, decorated with opaline latticino lines within clear glass, 36cm

Sold for £15
Lot: 1
2 Baker Bevans & Irwin Glamorgan printed pottery meat plate, circa 1830-38, decorated with the Archer's pattern featuring a man and a woman within a landscape with castle and temple in a monochrome print and bordered with black printed flowers against a blue printed ground, unmarked, 51cm (Illus.)

The Archer's pattern is mentioned in Coysh and is recorded on a water ewer. Illus. Coysh Vol One, Plate 129

Sold for £75
Lot: 2
3 Majolica flower basket, late 19th Century, hexagonal form relief moulded with mistletoe and holly decorated in a turquoise glaze edged with brown with pink glazed interior and yellow base, 22cm (Illus.)

Sold for £55
Lot: 3
4 Royal Worcester china candle snuffer, circa 1930, modelled as a girl in a yellow glazed crinoline dress, model no. 844, 9cm (Illus.)

Sold for £950
Lot: 4
5 Gustavsberg modernist vase, of cylinder form with a flared neck, decorated in silver against a matt ivory ground, marked 'Grazia 215', 20cm

Sold for £10
Lot: 5
6 Japanese Kutani vase, late 19th Century, of ovoid form with a trumpet neck decorated with panels of bijin and birds amidst blossoms against a typical orange, terracotta and gilt ground, height 32cm

Sold for £30
Lot: 6
7 Salt glazed stoneware relief moulded spirit barrel, early to mid 19th Century, moulded in typical fashion with a royal coat of arms and fruiting vines, remnants of a label 'Brandy', 33cm, also a smaller salt glazed spirit barrel of a similar form and date, 29cm (2)

Sold for £40
Lot: 7
8 Jackson & Gosling Grosvenor china coffee service decorated with the Gay pattern in polychrome enamels and gilt against a jade green ground comprising lidded coffee pot, cream jug, six coffee cans and saucers (14) Lot: 8
9 Assortment of Shelley china tea and breakfast wares including cups, saucers, sugar bowls, milk jugs, side plates, tea plates, 'Wildflower' pattern dessert service (13668), and other patterns including 11674, 14060, 12383, 2377, 12631, 13777, 11397 etc (100 pieces) Lot: 9
10 Royal Worcester reticulated cabinet plate, attributed to George Owen, circa 1862-75, the centre decorated with seashells in polychrome colours, bordered with a fine honeycomb border dispersed with vignettes of seashells within a trailed gilt leaf edge, printed mark, 21cm diameter (Illus.)

Sold for £980
Lot: 10
11 Royal Worcester pedestal urn and cover decorated by Harry Davis, circa 1919, of twin handled amphora shape, decorated with a landscape panel featuring abbey ruins and a shepherd on a highland path, within a tooled gilt scrolled and bellflower border against a matt black ground, gilt embellished handles, cover and foot, printed marks, numbered 2247, 21cm (Illus.)

Sold for £1200
Lot: 11
12 Royal Worcester twin handled pedestal vase and cover, circa 1902, twin handled globular form beneath a slender trumpet neck, decorated with a landscape vignette in a tooled gilt and jewelled border within gilt scrolls and green enamelled bellflower swags against a white ground, bordered with gilt embellished green, printed marks, numbered 2160, height 25cm (Illus.)

Sold for £400
Lot: 12
13 Grainger & Company Worcester cabinet cup and saucer, circa 1870-1889, decorated with polychrome landscape vignettes in opalescent jewelled and tooled gilt border against a royal blue ground, printed marks

Sold for £150
Lot: 13
14 Royal Worcester trumpet vase decorated by Kitty Blake, circa 1919, slightly waisted cylinder form, the flared neck and foot decorated with roses in polychrome enamels within gilded borders, signed K H Blake, printed marks (restored), 23cm

Sold for £60
Lot: 14
15 Royal Worcester cabinet plate, circa 1870-90, decorated with a butterfly amidst blossom in polychrome and gilt enamels and an opalescent jewelled border, impressed mark, 23cm diameter

Sold for £20
Lot: 15
16 Pair of Royal Worcester china figures, modelled by F Gertnet, Dutch boy and girl, each carrying baskets of flowers, finished in polychrome glazes, model numbers 2922 and 2923, printed and painted marks, height 14cm (Illus.)

Sold for £230
Lot: 16
17 Pair of Volkstedt figure groups, early 20th Century, each modelled as aristocratic courtiers decorated in polychrome colours, height 14cm Lot: 17
18 Wedgwood blue jasperware miniature campagna urn and cover, impressed marks, 11cm

Sold for £170
Lot: 18
19 Royal Worcester modernist vase, circa 1940, of wide bodied flared form, relief moulded with stylised leaves and berries, heightened with silver against a jade green and moonstone ground, printed marks, 15cm

Sold for £30
Lot: 19
20 Derby porcelain campagna urn, circa 1800-25, decorated with a north Italianate landscape vignette against a white ground, embellished with gilt and terracotta floral scrolls, painted red baton mark, height 17cm (Illus.)

Sold for £450
Lot: 20
21 Staffordshire blue and white printed earthenware meat plate, circa 1840, decorated with the 'Asiatic Pheasant' pattern, 50cm

Sold for £50
Lot: 21
22 Family of five Wade porcelain Natwest pigs

Sold for £95
Lot: 22
23 Delphin Massier art pottery vase, early 20th Century, slightly wrythen ovoid form, freely decorated with poppies in thickly applied coloured slip against a brushed shaded blue ground, signed 'Val', painted marks, height 30cm (Illus.)

Sold for £140
Lot: 23
24 Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery shallow bowl, circa 1940, decorated with the Cherries pattern against a green and yellow robin's egg glazed ground, printed marks, 26cm diameter (Illus.)

Sold for £300
Lot: 24
25 Pair of Dutch decorated wall plaques, early 20th Century, each depicting figures in traditional costume at a quayside, 30cm diameter

Sold for £20
Lot: 25
26 Cut glass pedestal fruit bowl, early 20th Century, wide shallow strawberry cut bowl over a waisted and faceted strawberry cut domed base (in two parts), 30cm diameter

Sold for £55
Lot: 26
27 Pair of Royal Dux figures, circa 1910-20, modelled as an aristocratic courtier serenading his companion with a guitar, finished in typical burnished gilt, applied pink triangle mark, model No. 508, 509, height 38cm (Illus.)

Sold for £880
Lot: 27
28 Small quantity of Ridgeway Potteries Homemaker patterned wares, circa 1955-68, comprising two plates, six soup bowls, four breakfast bowls (12), also two Staffordshire oval plates (14)

Sold for £65
Lot: 28
29 Four Royal Doulton Norfolk pattern blue and white plates, also a Wedgwood polychrome floral painted short comport (5)

Sold for £45
Lot: 29
30 Pair of Spode Copeland's china plates, circa 1925, decorated with stylised flowers in polychrome colours and gilt against a blue robin's egg glazed ground, 24cm diameter

Sold for £25
Lot: 30
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