Informal Valuations

Informal Valuations Service

If you are serious about selling but would like to know what your items may fetch at auction before you make a decision then one of our valuers will be happy to discuss probable auction values prior to consignment. 


Valuations by e-mail

It is extremely rare that we are able to give estimates of auction value over the phone as identifying an item from a layman's description is virtually impossible.

We are happy to accept photographs by email or WhatsApp for the purpose of providing you with an initial appraisal. Any such appraisal will be provided on the strict understanding that it is done so subject to a physical inspection being carried out at some point. When submitting photographs for the purpose of initial appraisals, please apply the following guidelines and please include your name and a contact phone number with the images:

1. Please send only clear images of the whole piece

2. For china, glass and works of art please include a clear picture of any marks as this will help in identifying the maker

3.  For paintings, a clear, in-focus image of any signature or marks on the back.

4. It is not necessary to send close up images of details on furniture in the first instance -  instead send a good, clear image of the whole piece.

In most cases a good clear image will allow us to make an initial appraisal and we will then ask for specific information if we need it. We may also ask to see the item.

For further information please call or e-mail us

Tel: 01244 681311



           Chippendale period mirror £96,000